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Selection from the price list valid from 1 February 2022

Initial examination

initial dental examinationpaid by ZP - once a year
preventive inspection once a yearpaid by ZP - once a year
consultation 20 min950 CZK
initial examination of an uninsured patient / without entitlement to ZP1,950 CZK
digital image RVG, CPG, 3D - CBCTfrom 990 CZK


Teeth whitening and dental hygiene

Gum and periodontal check-up, gentle plaque treatment with Air-Flow sandblasting machine using American technology, gentle tartar removal with ultrasound

(from 2 500 CZK old price)
from 1 790 CZK promotional price
dental hygiene, including AirFlow with a package of hygiene aidsfrom 1.790 CZK

repeated dental hygiene

* the price of a repeat hygiene treatment may be higher depending on the condition of the teeth and the duration of the cleaning

1,550 CZK
Deep Scaling/1 jaw2,400 CZK
office teeth whitening7,900 CZK
home teeth whitening4,900 CZK
combined (office + home) whitening11,900 CZK
аttendance without a valid reason 30 min950 CZK


Dental procedures

caries treatment (white composite filling according to the range)from 2,290 CZK
root canal treatment (endodontics according to the number of canals)from 2,830 CZK
treatment under entonox nitrous oxide “rajský plyn” for 15 minutes990 CZK
making of all-ceramic crownfrom 9,900 CZK
making ceramic veneersfrom 14,900 CZK
implant placementfrom 18,500 CZK
microscope treatment (1 visit)from 990 CZK
gentle tooth extractionpaid ZP
complicated tooth extraction2,490 CZK
invisible bracesfrom 49,000 to 89,000 CZK
consultation with 3D design and treatment plan (in case of non-use of services)4,800 CZK
scanning replacements10,900 CZK
hybrid removable prosthesis with implant anchoragefrom 33,000 CZK


Administrative fees

extract from medical records550 CZK
payment of time loss of unexcused term at least 24 hours in advance950 CZK

(*) price including VAT 21%

The patient with acute pain pays only for the treatment without paying extra fees.
You can pay with cards in our clinics.


Health insurance companies


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