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Do not pay for the first and preventive check-ups. We have contracts with all insurance companies.


Do you take on any new patients?

Yes, we always take on new patients

How often should I have a regular check-up?

Preventive check-ups should be done every six months. Examination is used not only to check teeth but also the whole mouth and should not be underestimated.

What insurance companies do you have a contract with?

  • 111 – VZP
  • 211 – ZPMV
  • 201 – VoZP
  • 207 – OZP
  • 213 – RBP
  • 205 – ČPZP
  • 209 – ZPŠ

Are preventive visits covered by medical insurance?

If your doctor has a contract with your insurance company, you can have a preventive examination twice a year and it is paid for by the insurance company.

Why should I go through oral hygiene?

It’s an important preventive method that reduces the risk of tooth decay and parodontitis.

What causes tooth decay and why is tartar formed?

Tartar is formed by mineralization of microbial plaque on the teeth. There are two different types of bacteria. The first type causes caries and they are different from the second one that leads to dental calculus.

How much will my procedure cost?

It is recommended to have a consultation with a doctor. The price depends on the patient’s clinical situation and is always individual.

What causes a filling to fall out?

Fillings should not fall out. Still, we have to understand that they still replace part of the tooth and never replace the tooth tissue itself. It is difficult for the dentist to keep the area completely dry in a case of a complex procedure. So, it can happen that fillings may fall out over time.

Why is wisdom teeth removal so common?

Our ancestors had stronger jaws. Certain anatomical changes of a human’s skull have happened with the development of society. Today the eights are more harmful than beneficial. Due to poor accessibility, these teeth are often damaged or rotten and the gums around them are infected too. Moreover, when your wisdom teeth are erupting, or cutting through your gums, they can cause a tremendous amount of pain.

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