Entonox or "Laughing Gas" is a fast-acting analgesic. Its action is effectively controlled by easy administration and fast decomposition in the patient’s body. The patient inhales the gas through the inhalation mask.

From 750 Kč. More information is here.

Entonox is becoming more and more popular and is often used as many patients really like it. This is a great alternative if you are afraid of the dentist or pain. We use it for severe inflammation or children's dentistry. Nitrous oxide reduces a pain level and raises a pain threshold. The mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen takes effect a few minutes after inhalation.

Thanks to Entonox, the effect of pain relief begins very quickly (after 4–5 inhalations). Among other things, it also has a calming and anxiolytic effect. Due to these great properties, Entonox is often used in dentistry.

Entonox is an analgesic for patients who are scared. You can use it from the age of eight. It’s used to suppress fear during the procedure and you’ll feel relief from a short-term pain. Therefore, it is not a kind of treatment under general anesthesia.

Will I be awake?

Definitely. Entonox will only calm your nerves down and ease the pain.

I’m afraid of going to the doctor, what to do?

Just call and make an appointment. Our dentist will explain you everything. There is no cause to worry.

How long does Entonox work?

We usually give Entonox 15 minutes. If it is necessary this process can be repeated several times.

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