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Do not pay for preventive and regular dental check-ups. We have contracts with all insurance companies.

Price list valid from 1.01.2023


* Full price list is available at reception/doctor's offices

Administrative fees

Administrative work / records statements550 Kč
Missing appointment or being late without warning (every 30 min.)950 Kč
Initial examinationhrazeno ZP
Preventive check-up 2x a yearhrazeno ZP
Initial examination of an uninsured patient / without ZP claim1.950 Kč
Emergency fee of an uninsured patient / without ZP claim950 Kč



Intraligamentary/application anaesthesia330/190 Kč
Entonox (Paradise gas) 15 min. use1.250 Kč


Teeth fillings

Dental treatment with kofferdam 390 Kč
Filler composite white aesthetic 1 area2.890 Kč
Equia Forte capsule filling(2 capsules per 1 tooth = 1,5 price)1.990 Kč
Composite white aesthetic filler 2 areas3.390 Kč
Composite white aesthetic filler 3 areas3.590 Kč
Tooth reconstruction with  photo composite / dual composite3.790 Kč
Highly aesthetic direct tooth reconstruction5.690 Kč
Dental sealants - prevention of tooth decay1.390 Kč


Endodontics - root canal treatment

Endo 1 (additional payment for machine endometrial of 1 duct)1.390 Kč
Endo 2 (root canal treatment, additional payment for machine treatment)1.490 Kč
Repeated endo 1 (for 1 channel)690 Kč

X-ray - examination

OPG and X-ray evaluationhrazeno ZP
CBCT scan 1 jaw1.490 Kč
CBCT scan1.790 Kč



Metal-ceramic crown9.990 Kč
Anatomical crown11.900 Kč
Ceramic crown E-max13.900 Kč
Ceramic veneer crown E-max, Zircon / ceramic veneer15.900 Kč
Highly aesthetic Essentia veneer crown / ceramic veneer19.000 Kč

Dental prosthesis

Temporary dentures DEFLEX7.900 Kč
Partial / Full elastic dentures DEFLEX12.900 Kč
Hybrid removable denture HČ/DČ33.000 Kč

Surgery and Implantation

Unusual case2.790 Kč
Implantology consultation1.150 Kč
Placement of implant Neobiotech / Ankylos / Straumann18.900/22.900/25.900 Kč
Implantology template small / large1.900/4.900 Kč

Dental hygiene and Whitening

Complete dental hygiene1.990 Kč
Deep/detailed cleaning 1 jaw2.500 Kč
Ordinary teeth whitening BlancOne (CLICK)1.500 Kč
Ordinary teeth whitening BlancOne (TOUCH)3.800 Kč
Home teeth whitening (4 whitening gels, carriers for HC and DC, box)4.900 Kč
Clinic whitening7.900 Kč
Combined bleaching11.900 Kč

Invisible braces

Invisible braces49.000 - 89.000 Kč

(*) price including VAT 21%

The patient with acute pain pays only for the treatment without paying extra fees.
You can pay with cards in our clinics.


Health insurance companies


You can also pay for treatment with gift cards or benefit programs:

Benefit plus

Payment through Edenred and Benefit Plus benefits is possible only by card, without vouchers and only at the Vysočany, Vinohrady, SC Letňany and Počernice.

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