Dental treatment under anesthesia

For most patients, a visit to the dentist is stressful. Almost every patient is afraid of dental treatment and fears pain. Despite these concerns, modern methods of dental care are painless and surprisingly comfortable. We owe this comfort to anesthesia.

The dentist selects the anesthetic for the patient individually, depending on the purpose and method of dental treatment, and the patient's overall health. The anesthesia must be effective, appropriate, and safe for the patient.

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Špičkové vybavení a úroveň ošetření

High standard of care with emphasis on individual needs of each client

Špičkové vybavení a úroveň ošetření

Comfortable treatment for patients who are afraid of the dentist

Špičkové vybavení a úroveň ošetření

Our services also include care for children and patients with various needs

Špičkové vybavení a úroveň ošetření

We treat under the guidance of an experienced anesthesiologist

General anesthesia for uncooperative children patients:

Do not worry that your child is not cooperating.

At the Smile Centrum Holešovice branch, we introduce general anesthesia for dental treatment in pediatric patients. Comfort is crucial when treating children's teeth. A pediatric patient should feel secure during any procedure.

Communication with doctors and tranquility are essential for dental treatment. In cases of increased anxiety, dental phobia, or other factors that rule out standard treatment methods, general anesthesia is offered for children in dentistry.

Parents often feel uneasy about general anesthesia. However, modern medications and the high qualification of doctors guarantee quality and smooth dental care for every child. With general anesthesia, all dental treatments can be performed at once. There's nothing to fear!

Anesthesia in children leaves no negative consequences. The child falls asleep next to the parents and wakes up in the same place. A carefully chosen sedative leaves a mild drowsiness, which wears off within a few hours. Dental treatment for children occurs during the effect of the anesthetic. After waking up, the child is released home.


How much does general anesthesia cost?

For children only                25.000 Kč including treatment

Make an appointment online

We offer the option of online booking for our patients.



We would like to inform you that we are introducing a new treatment option using analgosedation for adults at the Smile Center Horní Počernice branch. Analgosedation will be performed for tooth extractions or implantations.

If you have concerns about visiting the dentist, it's completely natural. Often, these concerns arise from past, not-so-positive experiences. There is nothing to fear with us! To alleviate anxiety and ensure patient comfort, we enlist the services of an anesthesiologist.

Analgosedation is a combination of analgesia - pain relief, and sedation - calming the nervous system. The goal is to minimize pain and simultaneously calm the patient during dental treatments.

How much does Analgosedation cost?

For adults only 9 900 Kč per hour


Local anaesthesia

The most popular and comfortable method is local anesthesia. It is administered through injection of an anesthetic that blocks the transmission of nerve impulses from pain receptors. The patient does not feel pain, but tactile sensitivity is preserved. The patient can see and hear everything, watch movies, listen to music, or observe the progress of the treatment on the screen.

How much does local anesthesia cost?

For children and adults               390 Kč



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