Dental crowns

Ceramic crowns help to replace the missing part of the tooth or to strengthen the tooth with treated canals. Dental crowns are distinguished by their material – metal-ceramic crowns, full ceramic crowns (zircon or Emax). These two types of dental crowns differ in their aesthetic properties and strength.

In the case of tooth decay, trauma or some endodontic procedures (root canal treatment), when a great part of the hard tooth tissue is lost, the crown is a suitable and possible solution. Treatment takes place in several stages. A temporary crown has to be attached to the tooth during the production of a metal-ceramic or full-ceramic crown.

The dentist will examine in detail the damaged tooth, including its root system, and determine its condition. After testing the whole tooth, the specialist will develop a suitable treatment plan. Then the doctor together with the patient will choose the color of ceramics according to the neighboring teeth or your wishes. Under the local anesthesia, the doctor will polish the tooth to the best condition, make molds or scan both jaws. Our doctors always make a temporary crown (or a dental veneer, overlay or inlay) in the clinic, so that the patient does not stay with a polished tooth.

How should I care for dental crowns?

Proper oral hygiene is especially important after the procedure. It is very necessary to ensure this to prevent tooth decay or gum inflammation. The better you care for your teeth, the longer they will serve you.

Can dental crowns be fixed?

Minor damage to the tooth crown can only be polished and temporarily repaired. Cracked and seriously damaged dental crowns have to be removed and new crowns shall be made.

How long will it take to make a dental crown?

It depends on the complexity of work. Usually it takes from 1 to 7 days.

How long is a dental crown under warranty?

You may get a total of 2 years of dental warranty for dental crowns. However, we know for sure that even after 10–15 years, most of the crowns remain in good condition. If your oral hygiene is good, than there will be no problems. Regular check-ups play an important role.

Is this procedure painful? What if the body doesn’t take a dental crown?

This procedure is painless, as the other procedures in our clinic, because we use high-quality anesthesia. As to the second issue, full ceramic crowns are neutral and have no effect on the human body. Ceramic rarely causes a reaction. Therefore, full-ceramic crowns are recommended in the cases of possible allergies.

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