Teeth whitening

Why do we whiten teeth?

Many factors contribute to unwanted tooth discoloration. The most common cause is smoking. Diet also has a great influence on tooth color. Coffee, green and black tea, beets, red wine and many other foodstuffs contribute to undesired tooth discoloration. Some drugs, such as antibiotics, also have their impact.

There has recently been a strong increase in interest in tooth whitening in Western Europe and the United States. A shiny white smile has become an integral part of our life and a reason for success in all working areas. Today, a beautiful smile is very important. If you don’t have a bright smile, it may affect your self-confidence, which in turn can have its impact on personal and public life. Our clients are offered several whitening methods, which can help to achieve the best results. Here we are talking about professional, at-home or combined whitening.

Our whitening methods do not damage enamel in any way. The only undesirable effect that can occur is the temporal sensitivity of your teeth. Still, it goes away in time (individual peculiarity of each patient).

The contraindication can be an allergy to some whitening material, bad oral hygiene, emotionally stunted patient, too many numbers of fillings, tooth decay in the frontal area and increased sensitivity. Whitening is also not desirable for patients after parodontological treatment and teens under 18. Kid’s enamel is in the process of developing. It is not advisable for patients who have seizures, such as mental disorders, epilepsy, as well as any congenital or acquired damage of the enamel. There is an increased risk of tooth damage in the process of whitening in beauty salons. Unfortunately, staff in such institutions is not always well-trained.

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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

  1. To examine your teeth and talk with a dentist is an absolutely necessary step before whitening. You have to determine the cause of the discoloring in order to return your teeth to their natural color or even lighter.
  2. The dentist determines the necessity of visiting a hygienist before whitening. Tartar, dental plaque and stains are removed during the procedure. The patient will be told how to care properly for the teeth to keep them healthy and will be advised what to give up in order to keep the whitening effect as long as possible.
  3. Whitening agents can be applied in several ways: in a doctor’s office, at home or a combination of both variants.

Nowadays, the best and most stable results can be achieved by a combination of at-home and professional whitening in the doctor’s office. We start with home whitening and from the lowest concentrations of the whitening agent. Then we slowly increase the concentration and finish tooth whitening in a doctor’s office, using much more concentrated whitening gel. If it is necessary, you can continue whitening at home. Each patient is unique and needs individual plan of treatment.

How can I determine the result of teeth whitening?

In our work, we use a scale consisting of 20 tones in steps of 2. From S2 to S40, from the lightest to the darkest. Before whitening, we will measure the tone of your teeth to see if we will achieve the desired result after the treatment.

How much is teeth whitening cost?

At-home teeth whitening               4900 Kč
Professional teeth whitening         7500 Kč


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For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering on-line

So-called whitening gel mouthpiece must be made for home teeth whitening. The doctor makes dental imprints in the office and special mouthpiece for bleaching gel will be made in the lab on the basis of personal imprints. In the next visit, usually within a week, you will receive a mouth kappa. You will try it on in the mouth before taking it home. After that, the doctor will give you whitening gel and tell you how to use it at home. Your task will be to put gel on the kappa at home, put it on your teeth and have it in your mouth as long and as often as the doctor determines.

This phase usually lasts 2-4 weeks, depending on how often the patient uses his or her kappa.

At-home whitening under the doctor’s supervision and the usage of individual kappa can be considered as the safest method of whitening, which complements your regular care of the oral cavity. This method allows the patient to achieve good results with the ability to control the desired color of teeth.

Preparation for a process of professional whitening takes from 15 to 45 minutes. It is necessary to isolate all soft tissues, as the whitening agent should not come in contact with them. Therefore, the doctor isolates the oral cavities with tampons and a special hard gel that qualitatively protects the soft tissue from the effects of the gel.

The process of whitening lasts 15 minutes and the procedure repeats 3-4 times. First, the dentist carefully applies the whitening agent. 15 minutes later the specialist removes all the whitening gel and cleans your teeth. Then he or she applies some portion of fresh gel again and the procedure can be repeated 2-3 times until the patient and the doctor are satisfied with the result.

This is the process of controlled application of whitening agent to teeth under the supervision of a dentist.

This agent penetrates the enamel of the teeth and reacts with the stains located there. The result of this reaction is the decomposition of pigments and stains. The result is a lightening effect. Clinical trials and studies have shown that dental whitening under the supervision of a professional dentist is absolutely safe. The tooth enamel remains intact.

The active substance is peroxide carbamide for at-home whitening or hydrogen peroxide for professional whitening at the clinic.

You have to follow all the doctor’s instructions. Our protocol for this procedure guarantees a stable and lasting result. The main requirement for the long-term result is good oral hygiene. We recommend using good-quality whitening toothpastes after the procedure of whitening. They will whiten your teeth too. Regular professional hygiene in the dentist’s office will also help to maintain the result as long as possible. It is also recommended to eliminate or give up at all smoking, coffee and red wine.

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For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering on-line

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