Preventive check-up

Our doctors check the condition of teeth and periodontitis, mucous membranes, bones and other tissues during preventive check-ups. We detect anomalies in the position of teeth and jaws and focus on detecting changes in the oral cavity that can signal about another disease. We will also teach our patient the basics of proper oral and dental hygiene. We will explain and propose a treatment plan, including prices for different procedures that are not paid by insurance companies.

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What is included in a dental check-up?

  • filling in an intake questionnaire.
  • X-ray, examination of the tissues of the oral cavity.

X-ray: Before the process of a preventive check-up, we make a large orthopantomogram (OPG) image, which can show even the initial stages of caries, the position and condition of wisdom teeth, roots, calculus below the gum level or the manifestation of periodontitis and other inflammations.

Examination: Our doctors examine the existence of caries and various pigments. They check the existing crowns, implants and the overall functional and aesthetic condition of your dental apparatus.

Checking gums: One of the most important parts of the check-up is the examination of the gums. In the process of the examination we can identify parodontitis or other diseases, as well as recommend dental hygiene or the treatment of parodontitis


The recommendations on preventive dental examination:

Preventive dental examinations are recommended twice a year. It’s legally paid for by your health insurance company.

Before the dental procedure, we recommend to have oral hygiene. It will help the doctor to see the current state of hard and soft oral tissue. Preventive treatment costs you nothing, but it saves you a lot of time and money in the future.

It is better to identify and fill initial tooth decay as quickly as it is possible. It is better not to wait for gingivitis and treatment of root canals.

FREE OF CHARGE. It is covered by health insurance (twice a year), for uninsured people - 1500 Kč.

DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE A VALID Medical Insurance card.

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For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering on-line

Preventive check-up - FAQ

Yes, we always take on new patients in different dental clinics of our network.


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