Children’s Dentistry

Within the framework of integrated family dentistry we also offer children’s dental services. Prevention is the most important and key moment in children’s dentistry. The first visit to the dentist must take place within the first year after dentition. It’s easier for a child to get used to a dental office, a doctor and the first check-ups. Then cooperation will be good even in a situation when the tooth needs to be treated. The following check-ups take place twice a year.

From 790 Kč. More information is here.

Caries must be treated. A baby tooth with undiagnosed cavity, like a permanent tooth, can also be painful and inflame. In this case, there is a risk of damage to a permanent tooth that has not been seen yet. Thanks to our friendly and individual approach, children will be able to cope easily with this task.

What to Expect on the First Visit?

The first visit should take place in the form of an introduction to the dentist and the office. It is necessary to prepare the child at home by telling him or her about the dentist who will look at his or her teeth. It is very undesirable to intimidate a child with dental treatment, even in the form of a joke. Children also feel it very well when the parent becomes nervous before visiting a dentist. Everything can be dealt with proper communication and there is nothing to be afraid of. Our doctors are professionals and experienced in establishing contact with children. We also know that each person is unique and needs an individual approach. However, we are not a specialized kid’s clinic.

In your first visit we will tell you how nutrition affects the condition and development of your children’s teeth. We will also tell you other important information (how to brush your teeth, how to use fluoride correctly, etc.). Moreover, we will schedule further regular visits as well as examine the oral cavity and, if it is necessary, recommend further treatment.

In the following check-ups we control not only teething, but also the maintenance of hygiene. We re-educating children and their parents to brush their teeth properly. We fluoridate teeth with local meds. Still, if children can clean their teeth themselves, parents still have to help to clean their teeth until they’re eight.

At what age should the first dental check-up?

It is better to come right after the first teeth.

What to do if the baby is afraid of a dentist?

The first visit to the doctor and preparation for the first check-up is extremely important. You'd better do everything in your power to prepare a child not to be afraid of a dentist. Some people have such kind of fear for the rest of their lives. However, if a child has problems with going to the doctor, we can use Entonox or recommend a specialized children’s clinic.