Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is an integral part of modern dentistry. A hygienist or a doctor will remove tooth plague and dental calculus that causes inflammation of the gums, periodontitis and tooth decay (caries). They will also remove the pigmentation that often appears on your teeth.

Dental hygiene treatments are not covered by insurance. Even if a client does not have any problems with their teeth, it is recommended to see a dental hygienist at least once or twice a year. Prevention will save you a lot of money in the future.

Prevention is better than treatment

For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering online.



You can now sign up for a dental hygiene appointment and get an appointment in two days. Only available at selected Smile Centrum locations.
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What the price of tartar removal?

Price from 1,790 CZK

If you are interested in professional teeth cleaning, you are looking for an effective way to maintain the health and integrity of your teeth and prevent periodontal disease for years to come. The experts at Smile Center know all about preventing and treating periodontal disease. Take care of your teeth ahead of time and start gentle preventive cleanings for your children as young as 3 years old!
When it comes to your health, you deserve the best possible care. Trust our experienced doctors and we will offer you the best option.

How to clean my teeth with Airflow technology

A dental hygienist or doctor will examine you and suggest an appropriate treatment. One of the leading teeth cleaning methods, Air Flow, was developed by the Swiss company EMS. Its essence is to treat the tooth surface with a special mixture that deposits and removes soft plaque particles, tartar and pigments left on the teeth after tea, red wine or coffee under pressure. With Airflow, your teeth will be perfectly clean, free of pigmentation and completely smooth.

Air Flow contains abrasive particles of sodium bicarbonate (soda). The Swiss Air Flow method uses a special device that cleans the teeth with compressed air. The soda is supplied in a separate container, which is mixed with water and pressurized air at the outlet. The dentist directs the stream onto the tooth. The solid particles of the cleaning mixture remove plaque and clean teeth in the hardest to reach areas.

The treatments include:

  • tartar removal (ultrasound, manual removal)
  • pigmentation removal (depuration or AirFlow)
  • possible treatment of sensitive necks if necessary
  • fluoridation of teeth
  • oral hygiene instruction and training, selection of suitable aids and the possibility of purchasing them immediately in the office 

For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering online.

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How to clean your oral cavity correctly?

At least twice a day - morning and evening. Brushing should be done primarily before meals. This is due to the fact that the pH value of plaque drops sharply after eating. Dental plaque has a strongly acidic character and demineralises the tooth enamel. A suitable toothbrush is soft, has many bristles and the bristle surface is flat (we recommend Curaprox). We recommend OralB toothpaste. Place the toothbrush on the teeth close to the gum line and use a circular motion towards the molars, cleaning the teeth both from the biting surface and from the inside of the tongue. ATTENTION! Do not apply pressure to the toothbrush, but rather use a "light hand". Once a day we clean the interdental spaces with interdental brushes, where we cannot reach with the toothbrush, we use interdental floss. We should avoid adhering to the time limit set for cleaning the teeth, as this method often leads to sloppy cleaning and a complete loss of effectiveness.


Bolí dentální hygiena?

Tento zákrok nebolí, avšak není příjemný. Vždy záleží na rozsahu zubního kamene. Dentální hygienistka může dle potřeby znecitlivět dáseň pomocí anestezie (povrchově).

Jak dlouho dentální hygiena trvá?

Vždy záleží na stavu chrupu. Nicméně většinou dentální hygiena trvá 45 – 65 minut.

Vysvětlíte mi u vás základy čištění zubů?

Určitě ano. Při první konzultaci s pacientem probereme, jak si správně čistit zuby kartáčkem či mezizubní nití. Zároveň doporučíme vhodné dentální pomůcky.

Nahradí hygiena bělení zubů?

Cílem dentální hygieny je odstranění povlaku a pigmentace z povrchu zubů. Pokud je pigment v tloušťce skloviny, tak je potřeba provést ordinační nebo domácí bělení zubů.



Teeth whitening and dental hygiene

dental hygiene, including AirFlow with a package of hygiene aidsfrom 1.790 CZK

repeated dental hygiene

* the price of a repeat hygiene treatment may be higher depending on the condition of the teeth and the duration of the cleaning

1,550 CZK
Deep Scaling/1 jaw2,400 CZK
office teeth whitening7,900 CZK
home teeth whitening4,900 CZK
combined (office + home) whitening11,900 CZK
аttendance without a valid reason 30 min950 CZK



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For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering online.

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