Removable Prosthetics

Removable dental prostheses are a suitable option when there is a defect of a tooth row and it is impossible to use dental crowns, dental bridges and the patient does not want to have a permanent implant.

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All about removable prosthetics

It takes from four to five weeks to make dentures. It also depends on the material of the prosthesis.

  • The patient comes to a consultation. Our doctor, on the basis of the condition of the tooth row of a particular patient, will propose a solution to produce dentures. There might be two variants: partial and complete dentures.
  • Imprints are taken and sent to the lab. We have our own laboratory, so we offer a wide range of color choices.
  • If it is necessary, you may need one or more visits (fitting), so that the final result meets your requirements and wishes.
  • Finally, we will produce the final variant of prosthesis and give it to you.

This procedure is completely painless.

How are removable dentures fitted?

  • Cream or gel - applied to the lower segments of the denture and then pressed firmly against the gingiva. This prevents food particles from getting under the denture.
  • With special adhesive - used for fixation of removable dentures, where the adhesive acts as a cushioning gasket between the gingiva and the denture, and for temporary fixation of crowns or bridges in the home.
  • With fixation strips - used in cases of bite problems. They are effective in cases where dentures are difficult to get used to.
  • Using a special powder.

What are the types of removable dentures?

  • AcryFree is the latest generation of removable dentures, which are made of an elastic material that feels like natural gum tissue. Special feature: fits tightly to the gingiva, no fixation gel is necessary.
  • Plastic dentures - suitable for complete tooth loss in one or both jaws, highly wear-resistant.
  • Clip dentures - fixed with clasps and attachments, using a metal frame, an arch with fasteners and anchors as a base. Distributes the load evenly between the gingival surface and the existing gums.

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For our patients, we offer the possibility of ordering on-line


Implant-supported dentures

You should know that there is an alternative to removable dentures, namely fixed dentures that are attached to implants.

Our doctors have extensive experience in the fabrication of all types of prostheses, and during your consultation we will advise you on the most suitable option for your needs and capabilities.

How much are removable dentures cost?

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