Dental implants

Dental implants rebuild the missing tooth without damaging neighboring teeth. Implants are used to fix permanent or hybrid dental prostheses. Professionally fixed implants can serve many years. But don’t delay your dental check-ups. After the tooth loss, the bone in the jaw is slowly removed and in some cases it is necessary to restore a sufficient bone level before implantation, so it is better to deal with this situation immediately after the tooth has been removed.

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The implant is an artificial tooth root that can be used as a support for the orthopedic construction of a crown or bridge. Due to them it is possible to make a prosthesis which will restore missing teeth from one to the whole row of teeth. Implants can also be used to fix removable prosthesis, especially on the lower jaw. Usually, two implants are needed. In this case, the prosthesis will click on the implants like on the buttons stays in place.

The implants are placed mainly under local anesthesia. The patient feels touch and pressure, but the intervention is painless. The operation can also be performed under other types of anesthesia, including general anesthesia. After simple implantation, there are practically no post-operative complications. If a bone or soft tissue is added, a swelling of tissues can occur after surgery but it will go down in five or six days. After the placing, the implant is inserted into the bone. Then a crown and other orthopedic construction are made on it. In some cases, the implant might be supplemented with a crown immediately after the implant is fixed. In other cases it is practiced to implant immediately after the tooth is removed. It is supplemented with a crown on the same day. However, such a crown would be temporary and after healing the implant has to be changed to a permanent one. It is necessary to pre-plan every stage of the treatment with a patient.

The success of the implantation is very high. This does not depend only on the quality of the implant, but first of all on the thoroughness of all the stages of the treatment and on the extensive experience of the doctor, as well as on the patient’s cooperation. Doctors have been implanting for many years in our clinics. It is also known that in some cases the implant may not take or be rejected. We can’t promise you any miracles. Every patient is warned about the possible risks of implantation.

How long will it take to get me an implant?

It depends on the situation. It may take some time. Comprehensive treatment usually lasts something about four months.

How long after implantation can I go to work?

Everything depends on the type of intervention, as well as the type of dental work. If your case is minimally invasive, you have no need to miss work. The patient founds out about the seriousness of the post-operative complications and the specific limitations from the dentist during the process of planning the treatment or consultation.

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