Our offices


Our offices


Our motto is:

Treatment without pain in comfortable conditions.

  • 8 clinics in Prague.
  • More than 25 experienced dentists and dental hygienists.
  • We take care of more than 35,000 satisfied patients including foreigners. Our portfolio is being expanded.
  • We offer premium class service.

Smile Centrum

  • Our company has been caring about your smiles for nine years. Our traditions from 2011 oblige us to develop constantly and improve our services.
  • We offer comprehensive treatment for all age categories of patients.
  • Unfortunately, we are currently not accepting children's patients due to full capacities and the absence of pediatric dentists. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Flexible working hours make it possible to make your appointments according to your temporary wishes.
  • We use methods and technologies of the highest standards so that time you spend in a dental chair is as efficient as possible. The final result is functional, aesthetic and long-lasting.
  • If you are not satisfied with the treatment, please contact us by e-mail: smilecentrumcz@gmail.com. Thank you very much!
  • We choose an educated and capable dentist for each of our clinics. In our clinics there are only high-level professionals who will take care of the health and beauty of your teeth.
  • We are constantly improving our services and professionalism. All doctors study a lot in order to know the best and newest methods.
  • Our clinics are well-equipped, which makes it possible to comply with the latest world trends.
  • We have an individual approach to each patient and try to achieve mutual and trusting relationships. We offer the most optimal treatment plan and work with the patient to the highest degree of satisfaction with our work. An individual approach to each patient is our standard.

We use only the highest quality German technologies and materials to take care of our patients.


Our technologies

Global Surgical is a world leader in the producing of dental microscopes. It has 50% of orders in the world. Louis Sourical from St. Louis, Missouri, is the only US manufacturer of surgical microscopes.

Magnifying glasses are the solution for all dentists who want to see their work better. At the same time, comfort and maximum protection of vision are also very important for them. Binoculars can be used along with contact lenses and protective masks. Long-term experience of dentists, ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, plastic and vascular surgeons has proved that short-term and long-term usage does not result in visual impairment.

CAD/CAM Zirconzahn is a model scanning that is used for easier supplying of future orthopedic designs. The connection between the elements of the bridge, the gap for the fixing cement and the thickness of the walls of the structure can be easily changed. CAD/CAM gives the possibility of unlimited creativity. It is the latest technology of production. We produce the best aesthetic individual crowns.

Omnicam and 3 Shape are modern, powderless scanning of oral cavity tissue. It provides high comfort for patient and doctor, competitive manipulation in usage and accurate 3D scanning in true color! CEREC Omnicam and 3 Shape fit very comfortably in the doctor's hand thanks to its elegant design and low weight. Scanning has become much easier, more intuitive and ergonomic. In addition, the CEREC Omnicam makes it possible to determine the shade of the scanned teeth in the CEREC software which is based on the scan. Therefore, CEREC Omnicam is unique, versatile and offers everything you need to work with a CAD / CAM system.

Computed tomography by X-ray Sirona Orthopos SL is a unique X-ray for taking the best images. Thanks to the low-dose function and HD we can take a 3D image in the dose of 2D X-ray and HD images with recognition up to 80 μm. This 3D X-ray allows detecting all hidden pathological processes in the early stages of their development and thus prevents the occurrence of more serious diseases.

It’s an endodontic rotary motor for treatment root canals that do circular and reciprocal motion.

It combines the advantages of a wired device that is called Elements. It is perfectly heats the hot plugger tip, evenly and quickly heats the dental guttapercha capsule in the injector. At the same time, the doctor's work is not limited by wires. It fits perfectly in the doctor's hand and is also improved by a very functional and pleasant control panel.

3D printer Form Labs 3 is a product of the newly opened «Formlabs Dental» company. Thanks to the printer, dental work can be speeded up and made more efficient. An indisputable benefit is the ability to work with biocompatible materials. Today it is possible to use it for the creation of crowns, orthopedic prostheses, bridges, temporary constructions and dental kappa.

This is the best modern modeling technology which gives a possibility to make a very detailed scanning of the tissues of the oral cavity. Moreover, it gives a possibility of creating a variant of the future orthopedic construction, which will subsequently be designed. This method changes the producing process for prosthetics in a way that reduces the number of visits to the dentist.

Our lab:

Only high-class clinics have their own dental lab. All dentures or other prosthetic work is made individually and precisely made in accordance to the needs of the patient. We use only the highest quality materials, work with the best equipment and guarantee you a long life of prosthetic appliance along with regular oral hygiene and preventive check-ups.

Our achievements:

modern technologies
satisfied patients
years of successful work for you

Our contacts

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