Dental bridges

There are situations where you unintentionally lose your tooth, whether it’s an accident, a tooth fracture or another situation. If you do not want to choose the method of implantation when the artificial tooth root is inserted into the bone and has a longer healing time. Unlike this method, you can choose the dental bridges that are installed on the neighboring teeth. Dental bridges are a proven aesthetic method for treating lost teeth.

What are the reasons for making a dental bridge?

Here we have an aesthetic reason. It is better to make a dental bridge when a client has no front tooth. The next reason is a functional reason for the construction of a dental bridge. If a patient does not have one or more teeth next to each other, the tooth row can lose its functionality.

As a result, a process of chewing becomes difficult. Moreover, because of the lack of teeth there might be impaired speech, bad articulation, etc.

How a dental bridge is produced

We need from 7 to 10 days for a process of dental bridge production (if it is necessary we can do it faster) and it also depends on the material of the prosthesis. A patient has a consultation. During this consultation a dentist clarifies all circumstances directly related to a particular set of teeth and proposes a solution to the situation. Then our specialist prepares a tooth for a dental bridge and makes dental imprints (using modern digital intraoral 3D dental scanner). They are sent to our lab.

During this visit, a temporary dental bridge is also made. It remains on the teeth until a permanent bridge is made. We have our own modern digital lab, so we can guarantee high quality products. If it is necessary, one or more visits to the doctor (first fitting and testing of a dental bridge) are followed, so that the final work fully meets your requirements and wishes. The final step is the fitting and fixing of the bridge. The whole procedure is absolutely painless, but if you want, you can use local anesthesia.

Who needs a dental bridge?

For all those who don’t like the gap between their teeth, aesthetically or functionally.

May I lose a tooth?

Of course, it can happen, but it doesn’t usually happen if you have good oral hygiene and know all rules of dental care.

How fast can have new teeth after my first visit to the doctor?

This always depends on the specific procedure and its complexity, but usually it takes 1–2 weeks.

Can a dental bridge damage the teeth it is placed on?

While making a dental bridge, it is necessary to remove some part of a supporting tooth, which involves removing some part of the tooth enamel and then the dental bridge replaces this part of the tooth and the lost tooth.

Can a dental bridge damage other teeth?

No, it is impossible, because materials that are used for producing dental bridges are hard and have the same characteristics like our natural teeth.

What can happen if I don’t decide on having a dental bridge?

Over time, the teeth start to lean over missing teeth. In addition, the teeth on the opposite jaw start to go gradually down towards the gap.

How to clean a dental bridge?

Like your own teeth (toothbrush and interdental brush). Still, you don’t have to use floss.

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